Panaracer Flat Away Puncture Protection Strip

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This anti-puncture shield is placed between your tyre and inner tube. It is produced from Kevlar fibres that are spun together to produce a bullet-proof vest type shield for your tyres. Flataway is light and supple.

Top Features of the Panaracer Flataway Tyre Liner

Supplied to fit one wheel




About Puncture Kits & Levers


Bicycle puncture repair kits and tyre levers are an essential item if travelling by bike, if you are unlucky enough to get a number of punctures and run out of tubes you will be glad you brought along your puncture repair kit. Tyre levers are also useful in cold weather when your fingers are aching from the winter elements. It's also worth considering puncture prevention in the form of tyre liners and inner tube sealants, both of these products work well and help minimise the risk of a flat tyre, meaning you can stay on the bike and enjoy the ride.