Mavic XA Elite MTB Wheelset

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XA Elite was born to meet the needs of hardcore mountain bikers who want to get lost in the mountains for hours (or even days) without worrying about their equipment. The idea behind the XA Elite is to focus on the part of the equipment that will make most difference to most riders – and therefore provide the most value. And after decades of analyzing wheels as a whole system and field-testing them on the most demanding mountain trails, the area of focus became clear: the rim. It needs to be as light as possible to lower inertia and deliver a truly dynamic ride. 


Lightweight rims

We started by designing a brand new rim extrusion which uses our patented ISM4D to remove all but the most necessary material between the spokes. And the new hookless 25mm internal width rim, is 100% UST Tubeless compliant for improved traction, reduced flats and ease of fitting so you don’t waste your day on repairs.


We then laced those super lightweight rims to our proven QRM hubs, which are famous for giving a smooth ride over many miles. And used our ITS4 freewheel system, which engages super fast to reinforce the dynamics of the wheel. 


On the scales, it reaches an impressive 1695g in 27.5 and 1770g in 29''. 


It comes with our strong and light Quest Pro UST Ready tires, in 2.4. This versatile tread pattern with our X-Mix compound provides plenty of grip in all conditions.