Bike Shield Full Pack


The Bike Shield Full Pack has been designed to protect key parts of the frame from any potential scratches caused by grit or stones from the road. This ultra-protective 4 piece set includes a tube shield, a stay shield and two cable shields that appear invisible to the eye once they’ve been applied to the bike. The Bike Shields won’t change colour after prolonged use, and they won’t damage your paintwork or leave any sticky residue behind after you’ve peeled them off.

This is easy to apply and remove by hand and will leave your bike looking like new when you’ve removed it. It's available in two finishes, gloss to give your bike a shiny finish, or matte to give your bike a more modern look. Bike Shield is produced in a PVC material is a bit thicker than the others on the market and consists of a specially formulated adhesive that is "floating", thus giving the self-healing property that is so unique for Sports Cover Bike Shield.

The Bike Shield pack is available as a standard pack, or an oversized pack for larger bikes with bigger tubes.

Bike Shield Full Pack Features

  • Offers Ultra-tough protection and it will heal itself if it gets cut
  • Easy to apply or remove by hand
  • Invisible on the bike and leaves no sticky residue when you remove it
  • Long lasting and it won't discolour with age
  • Two options, gloss finish or matte finish

Bike Shield Standard Full Pack Specification

  • 1 TubeShield (10x50cm)
  • 1 TubeShield (5x50cm)
  • 3 piece StayShield Kit
  • 5 piece CableShields

Bike Shield Oversize Full Pack Specification


  • 2 TubeShields (10x50cm)
  • 3 piece StayShield Kit
  • 5 piece CableShields